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order informaion

Drumstick order information Use the order form of our site and send it by one click or you can also write to our e-mail address.

In this case we need the following details:

Minimum order quantity for resellers: Minimum order quantity for individuals:

Exact drumstick type (C4215)
Quantity: (pairs)
Drumstick colour: (Black, White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Dark blue, Light blue, Metal blue, Pink, Purple, Magenta, UV Orange, UV Green, UV Yellow)
With the original label or a custom logo?
In case of a custom label: Existing or new?

Ordering a standard model: C4215-25 pairs (if nothing extra is indicated, it will be varnished sticks with the standard black label) Ordering drumsticks with custom a label: C4215 black - 25 pairs with (XY) label, printed in red colour.  

Name, exact address and mobile number. It is worth specifying an address where someone stays during the day. If the courier does not find anybody at the given address, he will contact you by phone.

In case of new custom labels, we need the logo, signature or graphics in high definition .jpg or Corel Draw 12 format in black. 

Minimum order quantity for resellers: 20 pairs, with a minimum of 5 pairs per model.

Minimum order quantity for individuals: 10 pairs. This quantity may include various models.

A We can send you information about the current prices of drumsticks in e-mail. Please request our quotation and we will send you our offer including delivery costs and time.

Ordering is possible through:
Telephone at +36 46 327 531
Mobile phone in SMS or Viber at +36 30 5043919 and +36 20 9769689
E-mail at

Delivery: 2-14 days depending on the quantity, composition and the actual products in stock.

Please find below the current model list

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+36 30 5043 919
+36 20 9769 689