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about us

Csibi drumstick production company was founded in 1992. In the first year we sold 233 pairs of drumsticks; today this figure is several tens of thousands a year. It took us ten years to develop the company to the latest technical level that can assure stable excellent quality.

As a result, our products are well-known not only in our country but also in several other European countries. We deliver drumsticks to Austria, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Holland, England and Romania. Our customers can choose from a wide palette as we offer 62 different models. A unique feature of our offer is that most models are available in 2 or 3 lengths in addition to 10 types of head shape and 6 thickness sizes. Everyone can find what suits them best and we offer assistance for this.

  • PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY: - Thanks to our customers’ trust, the complicated and less effective technology comprising a series of operations was replaced with the latest, high precision, high performance and fully automated technology in 2002, where all the operations are performed at the same time: rounding, shaping, polishing and finishing of the stick ends. The drumsticks leave the machine ready to be varnished. The American pro-mark company has the same technology.
  • BASE MATERIAL: - Csibi sticks are still made using selected hornbeam and American hickory.                          
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: - Finished drumsticks are given a thin layer of varnish. This coating ensures comfortable non-slip grab, while clogging the pores of the wood so sweat cannot soak the sticks.
  • RUBBERIZED GRIP - non-slip rubber coating is available for any Csibisticks model for request. The shafts immersed in liquid rubber provides steady grip; do not increase the diameter of the drumsticks and the rubber coatings never get loose.
  • COLOURED STICKS - If requested, we paint our drumsticks. 15 colours are available: Black, White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Dark blue, Light blue, Metal blue, Pink, Purple, Magenta, UV Orange, UV Green, UV Yellow.
  • LABELS - Varnishing is followed by printing. Every pair of sticks bears our logo but we also prepare custom labels if requested. Printing is also performed using the latest Swiss technology. Standard sticks are printed in black but the colour of the custom labels is optional (Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Claret, Turquoise). You can read more about the custom labels under the menu point CUSTOM LABELS.                    
  • PACKAGING - Prior to printing sticks are paired according to their weights, and delivered to customers in nylon or cardboard packaging

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